Greetings from the President

Unfortunately Tattenhall had a short lived existence in the League; a suitable venue couldnít be found for the 2017-18 season and the club had to be dissolved. However, Iím glad to say that the players involved have joined Frodsham or re-joined Malpas & Oswestry.
This has allowed Frodsham to enter a second team in the League and, additionally, Rhyl & Prestatyn have decided to field a third team also starting in division 3. Last season this lower division was about as big as it could be with nine teams (giving sixteen matches) and it was thought that any additional teams would require the reformation of division 4. It was assumed that the lower placed teams from division 3 plus any newly formed teams would make up the new division 4, but, in the event, it proved impossible to do this to the satisfaction of all clubs involved, so we are left with a very large division 3 of ten teams.
In order to reduce the number of matches to playable levels, the League Conductor has arranged the fixtures for this division so that each team plays every other team once in the first half of the season, but then the division will be split into upper and lower halves and each team will play a reverse fixture against clubs in just its own half. I think this is the first time this sort of fixture schedule has been tried by the League and we will look again at this situation towards the end of the season.
Jon Mayberyís Ďextra playersí proposal was passed at the AGM and captains are urged to consider the opportunities this gives to new players Ė as outlined on p.34, para. 10, in this handbook. Following the AGM, due to pressure of work, Jon had to stand down as Individual Competition Controller, but Iím glad to report that Tim Soar of Colwyn Bay has agreed to take over this position and we welcome him as an Officer of the League.
Have a good season !

Max Coventry

President, Chester & District Chess League