1. The League shall be known as the Chester and District Chess League.
  2. The objects of the League are:
    1. To associate the various Chess Clubs in the area.
    2. To promote matches between the Associated Clubs.
    3. To arrange matches between the League and any similar body.
    4. To arrange any other Competitions between Associated Clubs or between members of Associated Clubs as may be desirable.
    5. To promote the game of Chess generally and in particular in schools and junior sections of Associated Clubs.
    6. To encourage the game of Chess to be played in a friendly and sporting manner.
  3. Each associated Club shall pay to the League an annual affiliation fee, and in addition entry fees for the various tournaments run by the League in which that club elects to take part. The affiliation fee and entry fees shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting and should be paid to the League Treasurer on or before 31st October each year.
  4. The League elects the following officers: A President, who shall hold office for two years and who shall normally chair any of the General Meetings; Vice-Presidents, three of whom shall be appointed to serve on the Executive Committee; an Honorary Secretary; an Honorary Treasurer; a Grading Officer; a League Competition Controller; one or more Junior Chess Co-coordinators; a Handbook Editor; a Website Officer; a Grading Officer; an ECF Delegate; and an Individual Championship Tournament Organiser.
  5. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers of the League as listed in Rule 4, including the Vice-Presidents designated to serve on the Executive Committee, together with two representatives from each affiliated Club. The Executive Committee (or, if need be, the President on his own) shall have the power to fill any casual vacancy and to co-opt not more than four other persons and/or form a sub-committee as required. A quorum for meetings of the Executive Committee shall be five persons who are entitled to attend.
  6. An Executive General Meeting (EGM) shall be held each year normally during the months of May or June. Twenty one days notice of the Meeting shall be given by the League Secretary to the Secretary of each Associated Club together with an Agenda and Papers. Additionally, notice of the Meeting shall be posted on the League website. Proposals for the EGM must be received by the Secretary in good time for these to be included. Any Proposals to be decided at the AGM should first be scrutinised at the EGM and a vote shall be taken to decide if they should be listed on the Agenda for the AGM. Any amendments to such Proposals should be put forward and voted upon at the EGM (so that Associated Clubs who have their own AGMs between the two League General meetings can be confident that when they decide how their club will vote on Proposals on the AGM Agenda, these are the Proposals which will subsequently actually be voted on at the League AGM). Nominations for posts should also be received and considered at the EGM for possible election at the AGM.
  7. The Appeals Committee shall consist of the three Executive Vice-Presidents, except if one or more has a prejudicial interest in a matter to be decided, in which case he or they step down for the duration of the process and one or more senior and experienced players will be co-opted onto the Committee by agreement with the remaining Vice-President(s) and the President.
  8. The League Year shall begin on 1st July and end on 30th June, and the Financial Year shall end on 30th April each year.
  9. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the League shall be held each year normally during the months of June or July. Twenty one days notice of the Meeting shall be given by the League Secretary to the Secretary of each Associated Club together with an Agenda and Papers. Additionally, notice of the Meeting shall be posted on the League website. Proposals for the AGM must be received by the League Secretary in good time for these to be included and should previously have been scrutinised at the EGM.
  10. The Annual General Meeting shall:
    1. Elect an Executive Committee as defined in Article 5 and a Hon Auditor, all of whom shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting. Nominations should have been considered at the EGM and should be with the League Secretary prior to the Annual General Meeting. Any person may hold more than one office, provided that the number of permanent officials of the League (as defined in rule 4 and including Vice Presidents entitled to serve on the Executive Committee) is not thereby reduced to less than six.
    2. Receive, and if considered fit, approve and adopt the reports of the Officers of the Executive Committee for the preceding year, including the reports of the Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Captain.
    3. Present trophies to the team and individual winners in divisions as well as any other team and individual awards relating to the preceding season.
    4. Debate and vote upon Proposals which are listed on the Agenda, amendments to which will not normally be accepted at this stage.
    5. Decide upon the Competitions to be held the following season and the general conditions governing them.
    6. Consider any other business as the Chairman sees fit.
  11. A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the League Secretary giving fourteen days notice to the Secretaries of the Associated Clubs and posting a notice on the League website.
  12. A Special General Meeting must be called if the Secretaries of any two clubs require such a meeting and inform the League Secretary in writing for the reason for calling it. This reason shall be specified in the Notice calling the meeting which shall be sent to the Secretaries of affiliated Clubs and posted on the League website.
  13. The following persons shall be entitled to attend any General Meeting of the League: any member of an affiliated Club and any of the life Vice-Presidents. Voting shall be on the basis of ‘one club one vote’. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.
  14. A quorum for any general meeting of the League shall consist of the representatives of five affiliated Clubs.
  15. No alterations to this Constitution shall be made except at an Annual general meeting of which twenty-one days clear notice, in writing, giving details of the proposed alterations, has been duly given to each affiliated Club.