Online chess

Monday 23rd March 2020

Now that our regular chess nights are suspended we are setting up a team on lichess.

Now that our regular chess nights are suspended we are setting up a joint Wirral and Chester & District team on lichess. The initial aim is that this will provide opportunities for club and league members to meet up to play games. We will likely set up tournaments and possibly matches against other groups. In order to take part please follow the following steps:

1) Set up an account on lichess This is free and quick to do. You create a username which could be based on your real name or you might want to be more creative or humorous.
2) Once you have an account look for the Wirral and Chester & District Leagues team
3) Send a request to join this team. Please include your real name and club in the accompanying message so we can keep it to genuine members.
4) Once this has been approved you will be able to join events in the team area. There is an initial informal tournament set up to play 5m+3s games at 7.30pm on Sunday 29th March. You can join it here:

If anyone has questions please feel free to contact Phil Crocker at Chester. If you don't have my email you can use initially. If any clubs are interested in setting up their own club team this is straightforward to do. Again you can drop me a note if you want advice on how to do this. You can also drop a note with your email if you'd like to be informed or reminded of upcoming events. Thanks Phil

Posted By: Stephen Dunning at 7:42am