Saturday 24th August 2019

Malpas & Oswestry venues

Basically, most of our first team matches will be played at The Carden Arms on Tuesdays, but our hom

Posted by: Charles Lowick Higgie at 6:47am

Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Pula / ECF

Malpas & Oswestry players Richard Bryant and Charles Higgie played in the Pula Open in Croatia, June

Posted by: Charles Lowick Higgie at 10:15pm

Saturday 18th May 2019

Rhyl Chess Congress a massive success!

Rhyl Chess Congress was an excellent event attracting a Grand Master, Fide Master, International Mas

Results from the Rhyl Congress 2019
1st Martin Brown FM 4 points
2nd = Nigel Davies GM/ G Quillam 3:5 points
Grading Prizes T. Hilton, R Taylor, D Menon and S Ross
1st = M. Connor / P. Garrett 4 points
3rd= D. Patrick / P. Hughes 3:5 points
Grading Prizes H.S. Davies, S. Parry and R Gamble
1st D. Williams 4:5 points
2nd A. Hughes 4 points
3rd = L. Williams, D. Houston, N. Morris, D. Price, S. Richards and P. Taylor
Grading Prizes N. Saram, M.Cockerill, T.Robson, P. Coutts, D. Hilditch - Love and R. Bohm
Highest Scoring Junior
S. Davies - A Petkov - S. Parry (small trophy to be posted to Sam Davies and Anton Petkov ) A 3 way tie
Highest Scoring Veteran
P. Hughes
Report by C Higgie

Posted by: Charles Lowick Higgie at 11:03am

Saturday 4th May 2019

Alpha Zero Book Signing and Simul with GM Sadler

Chester Chess Club will host GM Matthew Sadler and WIM Natasha Regan on 11th May at 2pm in Hoole.

The two guests will talk about their new book, "Game Changer", which is about the Alpha-Zero chess program that taught itself then beat the leading chess engine "Stockfish". Then Matthew will take on multiple opponents in a simultaneous display.

At the same time, Natasha and club President Phil Crocker will take on the juniors in a tandem simultaneous display.

The talk is open for everyone. The main simul will cost £10 for adults, £5 for Juniors. The junior simul is free. However please book your place as spaces will be limited.

For more details, visit

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 3:54pm

Sunday 28th April 2019


1. 53rd Rhyl Congress on 10th-12th May
2. 2nd Crewe Rapid-play Congress on Sunday 19th May

Details for congresses can be seen from the links:



Posted by: David I. Hulme at 10:21am

Friday 12th April 2019

Dates and venues for League meetings

The EGM will be on 15/5 at Holywell's venue and the AGM will be on 26/6 at B/M's venue - PTO for mor

The two post-season League meetings will be held at two clubs which are geographically central to the League, both of which are easy to find and have good parking.

The EGM will be held at Holywell's venue - the Stamford Gate Hotel, Halkyn Road, Holywell CH8 7SJ on Wednesday 15th May staring at 7.30pm. But, please note: after renovations, our old chess room to the left of the bar is no longer available - go to the right of the bar and up through the Function Room to the room beyond this.

All proposals to go through to the AGM need to be examined at the EGM beforehand, so can clubs/members please send any proposals in to Angus by 18th April to give him time to draw up an agenda etc and send this out 21 days before the meeting. However, as the EGM is a bit earlier than usual this year, I have said that any proposals sent in to us by the end of April will be included as an addendum to the agenda and discussed.

It's very important that clubs and individuals who won those trophies and divisional boards at last year's AGM which need re-engraving bring them back to the EGM. The board winners were: div1 Chester; div2 Wrexham; div3 M&O; the Dick Plaisted Most Improved Player - Sithi Medagedara (B/M).

The AGM will be held at Buckley/Mold's venue - the Drover's Arms, Denbigh Road, Mold CH7 1BP on Wednesday 26th June starting at 7.30pm.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 9:19am

Friday 5th April 2019

Hopefully the League EGM will be held on 15 May

Could any clubs/members who have proposals for the AGM please send these into Angus now.

Any proposals to be on the agenda for the AGM should have been previously considered at the EGM. If the EGM is to be on 15th May, and Angus needs to send out agenda and papers 21 days beforehand, to give him time to collate things, clubs & members need to ensure that any proposals they have are with him by - say - 23rd April.

Confirmation of dates and venues for the two post-season League meetings will be circulated shortly.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 9:18am

Tuesday 5th March 2019


The following matches have not yet been re-scheduled. Please advise as soon as new dates agreed.

1. 11/9/18 - Div 3 - Chester 6 v Chester 7
2. 18/9/18 - Div 2 - Chester 5 v Colwyn Bay 2
3. 16/10/18 - Div 2 - Chester 4 v Rhyl & Prestatyn 1
4. 13/11/18 - Div 1 - Colwyn Bay 1 v Chester 3
5. 23/1/19 - Div 4 - Penyffordd v Buckley/Mold 3
6. 22/1/19 - Div 2 - Colwyn Bay 2 v Chester 5

Apologies if any have been re-arranged which I am not aware of. I will remove them from this list as soon as known.

Other matches with no details as yet:
7. 22/1/19 Div 4 Chester 8 v Holywell Rookies
8. 19/2/19 Div 4 Chester 8 v Penyffordd

If anyone has details about these fixtures please let me or Mike Whale know and we can update results.

Posted by: David I. Hulme at 2:02pm

Tuesday 5th March 2019

Chester Chess Club Centenary Rapidplay

Chester Chess Club are to host a one day rapidplay event at Upton-by-Chester High School on 7th Apr.

Further information can be found at

Posted by: David I. Hulme at 11:26am

Tuesday 5th March 2019


Posted by: David I. Hulme at 11:24am

Tuesday 5th March 2019


Posted by: David I. Hulme at 11:23am

Wednesday 6th February 2019


Please note that Steve Lloyd is currently acting captain for C3 and Graham Bromley acting for C4.

Hopefully you will already have contact details for these two, but if not do not hesitate to contact me at if necessary and I can forward details.

Posted by: David I. Hulme at 6:05pm

Tuesday 5th February 2019

Temporary help with Results and Fixtures

Max has agreed for David Hulme to help with updating results and fixtures/tables on temporary basis.

Please would captains note that David can be contacted via his email on ""
This to help Mike on a short term basis, as he is unable to update the site regularly at the moment.
If any missing fixtures have been re-arranged please let David know and he will update the list accordingly.

Posted by: David I. Hulme at 9:04am

Monday 4th February 2019

Holywell's venue - the Stamford Gate Hotel

Renovations are underway, but matches can probably still be played - please check first - thanks !

Posted by: Max Coventry at 5:25pm

Wednesday 12th December 2018

Bill Davies U120 Cup Final Tuesday 11/1218.

Chester U120 were worthy winners ad a glance at the results page will show. Consistently good chess

Was played by all players throughout the competition I believe, and the new format was well received. Can I mention in particular the Colwyn Bay players were a credit to their club.

Posted by: Tim Soar at 5:34pm

Tuesday 4th December 2018

Chester & District Individual 3 way tie in Open.

David Jameson (joint Welsh Championship winner),Phil Crocker & Mike McDonagh shared 1st place.

There followed a blitz play off, won over two games by Phil Crocker, Phil becomes C.& D.C.L.Champion. In the subsidiary U130 competition Tim Soar, organizer, outscored Wayne McFadden by 1/2 a point to win, although he had intended to enter the Open until the last moment. Thanks for all the entries, Chester Chess Club for hosting, and two cash donations. Hopefully I will continue in 2019 for 3rd year. Tim

Posted by: Tim Soar at 2:14pm

Friday 23rd November 2018

Sporting gesture by Chester Chess Club praised by

Chester Chess Club spot that they fielded an ineligible player in the match between Chester 7 and Ma

Email from Philip Crocker, President of Chester Chess Club.
"I just spotted that we fielded an ineligible player in the match between Chester 7 and Malpas 2 on 25th Oct. Top board John Harvey is actually nominated for one of our second division teams.

The context is that our planned top board dropped out at the last minute and unfortunately John who is fairly new to the league emailed our captain looking for games at the same time. This seemed an ideal solution to the problem but we should nevertheless have checked eligibility.

I presume that this game should now be forfeited but still graded and that Malpas should therefore win the match?

Apologies that this has happened."
Charles Lowick Higgie, Malpas & Oswestry Chess Club replied
"These things happen. Thanks for telling me. I am happy to go along with what Phil suggests."

Posted by: Charles Lowick Higgie at 10:08am

Thursday 22nd November 2018

Malpas & Oswestry - new 2nd team venue

The Oswestrian club in Oswestry is closing so Malpas & Oswestry 2 have new home venue.

New venue is Senior Citizens Club, Lorne St, Oswestry SY11 1ND

Posted by: Charles Lowick Higgie at 5:26pm

Thursday 8th November 2018

Bill Davies Cup Chester U120 vs Colwyn Bay U120

The final will take place at the Town Crier, City Road opposite the Train Station.Fixture date t.b.a

Posted by: Tim Soar at 6:25am

Thursday 1st November 2018

Under 120 Cup Final

Chester U120 will play Colwyn Bay U120 in the Bill Davies Cup Final.

On Tuesday October 30 Chester U120 beat Malpas & Oswestry U120 3-2 at home, at The Town Crier, Chester. (Chester players first)
Jack Yang 0 - 1 Dimitar Kirachen
Ian Clayton 1 - 0
Mario Scarpa 1 - 0
Nethuli Saram 1 - 0 Oliver Haugh
Phil Skippon 0 - 1 Graeme Campbell
Meanwhile Colwyn Bay U120 beat Rhyl 7 Prestatyn U120 away, by the same score,-
(Rhyl & Prestatyn players first)
1 Andrew Hughes (118) ½ - ½ Danny Heath (113)
2 James Babington (113) 1 - 0 John Simmons (105)
3 Phil Crew (87) ½ - ½ Peter Coutts (92)
4 Simon Wyn Roberts (82) 0 - 1 Wayne McFadden (72)
5 Stuart Hamilton (75) 0 - 1 Stephen Paterson (62)

Posted by: Charles Lowick Higgie at 2:53pm

Sunday 21st October 2018

The World Youth Chess Championships is underway in

Representing Wales are Hugo Fowler (U16) and Ifan Rathbone-Jones (U14), who plays for Buckley/Mold i

In round 1 Ifan got an excellent win as black against a 2120 from FYR Macedonia!

Posted by: Michael Whale at 8:25pm

Sunday 21st October 2018

Buckley/Mold 2nd Team has withdrawn from the leagu

This has immediate affect. Please inform affected teams and captains.

Can all teams in the 3rd division make note of this. The withdrawal is unfortunate but due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 8:19pm

Friday 21st September 2018

Crewe Congress, Oct 12-14

Please access Crewe CC website for info or contact David Hulme or Neville Layhe for further details

Posted by: Max Coventry at 5:24pm

Friday 17th August 2018

Major Changes to Fixtures for Next Season

Chester are now entering a team in Division 4 which completely changes fixtures in this Division.

As all fixtures are completely reloaded can everyone please check that any amendments, for all divisions and competitions, agreed since the fixtures were first loaded up are still correctly in place.
I understand that these changes are likely to create issues for a number of Division four teams and I apologise for this but it was felt that we should accommodate a late team entry.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 8:07pm

Saturday 4th August 2018

Phil Crocker prize winner in Hull.

The Chester Club President finished =2nd at the Atkins Weekender.

This is an Open Weekend tournament held every year with the British Championships.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 2:11pm

Saturday 4th August 2018

Bill Davies Cup Fixtures Added

Eight teams have entered. The first round is scheduled for the week beginning 23rd September

The Semi-Finals are scheduled for the week beginning 28th October with the Final being in the week beginning 9th December.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 2:07pm

Wednesday 18th July 2018

Proposed Fixtures for 2018-19 Added

Can everyone please review their own fixtures for any errors that need to be changed,

or anything a club would like to see changed.
The weeks beginning 23rd September, 28th October and 9th December are for the U-120 Knockout (Bill Davies Trophy)

Posted by: Michael Whale at 12:22pm

Saturday 30th June 2018

North Wales Chess Congress 22nd - 24th June

There were 122 entries in three sections.

The Open was won by Jonah Willow with 5/5. Jonah is just fourteen years old. David Jameson and John Shakespeare were 3rd=.

Oleg Cukovs won the Major. Mark Bastow(Colwyn Bay) was =2nd. Ifan Rathbone-Jones was =5th with 3.5/5.

John Harris(Forest of Dean) won the Minor with 5.5.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 11:20am

Friday 18th May 2018

The Rhyl Chess Congress was played on May 11-13 ov

There were upsets in the Open:

The top seed, Oliver A Jackson, a FIDE Master and, at 203 the only player rated over 200, scored only 2.5 out of 5. He unexpectedly lost to Barry Hymer (168) in round 2 and then drew with Mike J Surtees (197) in round 4 and lost to local boy David Jameson (183) from Colwyn Bay in the last round. Surtees won the tournament with 4.5 out of 5 and Jameson was second with 4 out of 5. Equal third were Hymer and John S Shakespeare (176). A special mention to 13 year old Ifan Rathbone-Jones from Buckley/Mold (153) who beat Tim Hilton (173) in round 2 and ended on 2 out of 5. 11 players contested the Open.
32 players contested the Major (160 and under). First prize was shared between another Colwyn Bay player, Mark A Bastow(158) with Michael I Connor (145) from Great Lever with 4 out of 5. 3-5 places were shared between Ray Williams (140) Chester, Anton Petkov (146) Bangor and Stephen Williams (143) Cwmbrian).
36 players contested the Minor (125 and under). There was a triple tie for first place with Robert Owens (103) Woodvale, Jack Yang (124) Chester and Les Philpin (113) all finishing on 4 out of 5.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 7:42pm

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Dates and venues of League Meetings this summer -

The EGM will be on Wed 6th June at Holywell's venue, the AGM will be on Wed 4th July at B/Ms venue

EGM - Wednesday 6th June at the Stamford Gate Hotel, Holywell, 7.30pm start (room to the left of the bar area);

AGM - Wednesday 4th July, at the Drovers Arms, Denbigh Road, Mold, 7.30pm start.

Both these venues are more or less central to the extent of the League and both have good parking.

Any proposals for the AGM should be considered first by the EGM and the League Secretary will send out an EGM Agenda about 21 days prior to this meeting. This means that any proposals need to be with Angus (and please copy in myself and Mike) by around Friday 11th May.

As usual we will have some important things to decide at these meetings, but a few immediate considerations are:

- we need nominations for a new Treasurer and a new Handbook Secretary,
- we need to know - if possible by the EGM - how many teams clubs will be fielding next season,

- it's important that clubs who won divisions and the K/O last season (ie Chester) and the Dick Plaisted Award winner bring back the boards and cup at the EGM so there is time for re-inscribing before the AGM - thanks.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 10:34am

Tuesday 1st May 2018

All Divisions now complete.

Wrexham 2 win Division Two and Frodsham 2 the bottom half of Division Three.

It has already been reported that Chester 1 have won Division 1 and Malpas & Oswestry 2 Division Three.

Division Three was divided into two halves after Christmas.

The teams in the top half were Malpas & Oswestry 2, Holywell Knights, Rhyl & Prestatyn 2, Chester 6 and Chester 7.

The bottom half was Frodsham 2, Buckley/Mold 2, Penyffordd, Holywell Rookies and Rhyl & Prestatyn 3.

Subject to later confirmation the Players of the year were:

Division 1: John Carleton 9/10
Division 2: Peter Fisher 9.5/12
Division 3: Terry Scott 9/11

Sithi Medagedara scored 9/12 in the lower section of Division three.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 10:33pm

Wednesday 25th April 2018

Rhyl Congress

To take place 11th-13th May at Rhyl Town Hall

For more details visit

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 10:51pm

Wednesday 25th April 2018

Chester K/O 1 win the Knock-Out tournament

Congratulations to Chester K/O 1 winning the Handicap K/O competition again !

Chester K/O 1 beat Holywell 6:0 to win the K/O tournament. Due to the large grading difference Holywell only needed one point to win but couldn't quite manage it even though some of the games were very hard fought.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 9:56am

Thursday 5th April 2018

David Jameson - Shares Welsh Championship

The Championship was held over the Easter Weekend in Cardiff.

David was equal 1st with Gerry Heap and FM Sven Zeidler on 5/7. The Championship has no play-off or tie break so they all share the title. David did have the best tie break however. See

Posted by: Michael Whale at 7:01pm

Tuesday 27th March 2018

Divisions 1 and 3 decided.

Chester 1 won the Division 1 title with a match to spare. Their 4½ - ½ home victory over Colwyn Ba

In Division 3 Malpas & Oswestry 2 were due to play Rhyl & Prestatyn 2 on Thursday March 29, with a win or a draw securing them the league title for Malpas & Oswestry 2. However on Sunday March 25 the Rhyl & Prestatyn captain phoned the Malpas & Oswestry manager Charles Lowick Higgie to say that they couldn't raise a side and so were conceding. So the Third Division Championship is heading back to Malpas - it was last in Malpas after the 2012-3 season when the club won it in its first year, when it was playing as "The Carden Arms".

Posted by: Charles Lowick Higgie at 9:52am

Sunday 18th March 2018

Ifan Rathbone-Jones is Joint Welsh U16 Champion

He is also the Joint U14 Welsh Champion

Ifan scored 4/5 in the U14 Championship only losing to the other joint champion.

In the U16 Championship he beat the other joint champion and top seed.


Posted by: Michael Whale at 1:46pm

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Chess in Schools, Teacher training day in Greasby

There will be a training course on 28th March at Our Lady of Pity School in Greasby.

If you are interested in attending please sign up on the Chess in Schools website -

This is a brilliant organisation - if you need any further info please contact Bob Clark at

Posted by: Max Coventry at 1:35pm

Sunday 14th January 2018

International Correspondence Chess Federation

The 2018 Congress will be held in Llandudno at the Imperial Hotel from 18th - 23rd August 2018.

See and

Delegates will be attending from various nations, and the WCCU, who are organising , require some assistance from Colwyn Bay Chess Club.

There are three over-the-board events at the Congress.

An invitational match, Delegates Vs local players,

A quickplay tourney for which there will be spaces for local players,

A GM simul, Nigel Davies, again places for local players.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 2:48pm

Saturday 30th December 2017

Provisional Division Three Fixtures

for the second half of the season have been added.

The Division three table has been updated with all the available results ( and forfeits). There is one match missing but the two affected teams are both in the top half of the table without any benefit from this match.

In this half of the season teams again play the four teams in their half of the table as it is currently displayed. If teams A and B are in the same half of the table and played a match A v B in the first half of the season then they will play B v A in the second half of the season.

Can clubs please verify that I have chosen the correct day of the week for their home matches. This most affects 'Malpas & Oswestry' and Chester as both clubs have not always played their home matches on the same day of the week.

I have also tried to ensure that clubs are not overloaded with home matches on the same day. For most clubs I have tried to have just one home match on a day. The exceptions are Chester ( 3 matches ) and Holywell ( 2 matches). Please let me know as soon as possible if the current fixture list - looking at all divisions - creates difficulties for any club.

Please request amendments before next Friday as I want to finalise the fixture list a week today at the latest.

Many Thanks

Michael Whale

Posted by: Michael Whale at 5:34pm

Monday 27th November 2017

The Chester and District Individual

was Won by Colm Buckley. Jack Yang won the U130 competition

Colm, Mike Vidler and Michael McDonagh all scored 3/4. Colm won the five minute playoff games against both of his opponents.

Of the U130 players both Jack Yang and Susan Parry scored 2.5/4. Jack won their five minute playoff game.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 5:21pm

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Wrexham Rapidplay Tournament 2017

Won by Bob Clark.

The sixteenth Mike Evans Memorial Rapidplay Tournament took place at the New
Memorial Hall, Gresford, on Sunday 19 November 2017

The tournament was won by Bob Clark of Wrexham Chess Club with 4.5/5. Bob snatched victory from Piotr Swiech who led on 4/4 going into the last round. Piotr tied with C.D. Lewis of Newport Chess Club (Shropshire) for second/third places on 4/5. The “slow starter” prize went to Chris Paul, also of the Newport club.

Thanks to all the organisers – Steve Richards, who organised the Swiss pairings, Jim McPhillips, who acted as Tournament Secretary despite his recent operation, Brian Davis (and his “staff”) in the refreshment kiosk, and Mike Hughes.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 6:02pm

Wednesday 15th November 2017

C&D Individual Championship - 25th & 26th Nov.

Entry forms are available via the Congresses section on this website or from Tim Soar 07483 233138.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 10:28am

Sunday 5th November 2017

Players mentioned in Chess magazine.

Steve Lloyd, Daniel Savidge, Chris Doran and "Find the Winning Move".

Daniel and Steve played in Liverpool side against Manchester, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of a similar match.

Steve is also mentioned for coming 2nd in the Intermediate section of the
English Rapidplay Championships held in Liverpool and Chris is mentioned for coming equal second in the Sunday Rapidplay played on the last day of the Championship.

In the "Find the Winning Move" section, there is the brilliant win by Haydn Parry(Holywell) against Charles Higgie(Malpas & Oswestry).

Posted by: Michael Whale at 3:28pm

Thursday 2nd November 2017

Parking Charges at Town Crier Pub for Chester Home

The Parking Charges are as follows

£1 for 1 hour
£2 for 2 hours
£3 for 3 hours
£6 for 8 h

Posted by: Tim Soar at 6:29pm

Thursday 19th October 2017

Colm Buckley Success

Equal First place in 23rd Birmingham Rapidplay Major.

Held on Sunday October 15tyh 2017, Colm won first place with a score of 5.5/7 ahead of many higher rated players.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 11:07pm

Thursday 21st September 2017

Dave Aldridge passed away Monday 18th September

Richard Owens has let me know the sad news that Dave Aldridge passed away on Monday.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 2:58pm

Wednesday 13th September 2017

Danny Gormally Simul

Top English Grandmaster, Danny Gormally has offered to play a simul in Malpas, on Sunday October 8th

Cost is £20 for adults, £10 for juniors (under 18, or under 21 if full time students, if they have proof). It will be in the Malpas Jubilee Hall and the nearby Gemma Charlotte Moon's The Old School Tea Rooms will be open for refeshments, analysis etc.
Daniel W. Gormally (born 4 May 1976) is an English chess Grandmaster. His peak rating is 2573, achieved in the January 2006 rating list.
He shared first place at the Politiken Cup in 1998 and in 2003, won the Challengers tournament of the 78th Hastings International Chess Congress.
In 2015 he tied for the second place with David Howell and Nicholas Pert in the 102nd British Championship and eventually finished fourth on tiebreak. Also in 2015, he appeared as a contestant in three episodes of the television quiz Fifteen To One and in one episode of The Chase.
Gormally played for the English national team in the 2005 European Team Chess Championship and 2006 Chess Olympiad.
This will only take place if enough players are interested.
If interested, contact Charles Higgie,-
Telephone: 01948 860083

Posted by: Michael Whale at 8:47pm

Friday 18th August 2017

British Championship in Llandudno

Chester and District League players have won prizes.

Philip Crocker =2nd Major Open
Richard Bryant 1st AM Open
Richard Burton =2nd Soanes Weekender
Dewi Jones =3rd Yates Weekender

Other performances include:
Richard Dineley 4.5/9 in the British Championship
Imogen Camp 5/9 in the Major Open and highest placed woman.
Charles Higgie 3.5/7 in the Over 50s
Chris Doran =4th Atkins Weekender.

Please let me know if there is anyone I have missed.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 7:50pm

Friday 4th August 2017

New Individual Competition Controller

Tim Soar is co-opted as the new ICC

Tim Soar has agreed to take over as Individual Competition Controller and has been co-opted into this post.

It is hoped that the Individual Tournament will take place at the Town Crier in Chester on the dates already pencilled in - the weekend of the 25th & 26th November, but we await confirmation that renovations at that venue will be completed by that date.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 10:09am

Wednesday 26th July 2017

2017-18 Fixtures Loaded

All fixtures from Mike Whale have been loaded. Please check your team.

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 11:03pm

Friday 21st July 2017

There will be three divisions next season.

Following discussions agreement could not be reached on a new 4th Division

The league will still have three divisions.

However because of the increased number of games division three will no longer be a double round robin.

In the first half of the season each team in Division Three will play each other team once. Following this single round robin the division will be split into a top-half and a bottom half and each team will then play a reverse fixture teams in its half of the split division. This means a team may not play an even number of home and away games over the season. The team from the top-half with the best overall result will be the winner of the Division having carried forward results from the 1st half of the season. A similar system is used in a number of Football Divisions.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 9:13am

Thursday 29th June 2017

The league will have Four Divisions next season.

Following the recent AGM there has been a consultation with Division Three captains.

There was, of course, a range of opinions but the League Conductor and President are of the view that splitting the existing Division 3 and the following arrangements will be satisfactory to most of those consulted.

Division Three will have five teams, playing each other three times in the season over five boards. Where appropriate Division Three teams will have to nominate three players who will not play in Division Four.

The bottom five teams from last season's Division three will play in the new Division 4 over 4 boards and meeting each other twice. There is the possibility of at least one additional team entering the new Division 4.

Please let me know if these arrangements will cause significant difficulties for any teams.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 8:03pm

Friday 28th April 2017

Geoff Townsend

Chester 7 Captain and former league president has sadly passed away this week. He was 89.

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 10:45pm

Friday 28th April 2017

Chester 4 Win Division 2

Buckley/Mold 2 lost to Wrexham 2 in their last match of the season.

Chester 4 were the only team, of the three able to win Division 2 going into the last round, to win their final match.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 8:22pm

Friday 7th April 2017

Division 2 is becoming clearer.

Each team has one match left

Rhyl & Prestatyn 1, Buckley/Mold 1 and Chester 4 all have eight match points. In the final round none of these teams are playing each other. Wrexham 2 and Colwyn Bay 2 have seven match points if they win their outstanding match would also reach 8 match points

However Colwyn Bay can only read 38.5 games points which Rhyl & Prestatyn already have so they are out of it.

Wrexham play Buckley/Mold and can reach 39.5 game points but to win 5 - 0 and for Rhyl & Prestatyn to only get one game point is also highly unlikely.

Of the three teams on 8 points Chester 4 are well behind on game points. Though they play the bottom placed team Holywell Knights even a 5 - 0 win only gives them 38.5 games points. Rhyl & Prestatyn have 38.5 game points and Buckley/Mold 38 game points.

Rhyl & Prestatyn and Buckley/Mold are the most likely winners but if they both fail to win their last match then they are likely to let Chester come through as Division Champions.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 7:52pm

Friday 7th April 2017

Steve Bardell RIP

Former Chester player and captain has recently passed away.

Steve last played in 2014 and was a captain in division 3.

The funeral will be at Wrexham Crematorium on 12th April at 3:30pm.

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 1:30pm

Sunday 2nd April 2017

Jim Hanson died on 29th March

Quentin has passed on the sad news that Jim Hanson, President of the Buckley/Mold club, has died

Jim was the President of Buckley/Mold and was a past President of the League during the seasons 2009 to 2011. He had been a member of the Mold club and before that East Clwyd for many years.

Jim's funeral is at 10.45am on Tuesday 11th April,at St Mary's Parish Church in Mold, followed by a cremation at Wrexham Crematorium at Pentrebychan, LL14 3EP, at mid-day. There will be a gathering afterwards at the Plas Hafod Hotel, Gwernymynydd, near Mold, CH7 5JS from 1.00pm.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 5:28pm

Tuesday 28th March 2017

Chester have won the Handicap Knockout

But only by the barest of margins.

Chester's total rating difference, using handbook grades was an advantage of 153. However the rating difference on the bottom board is capped to 40 instead of the actual 52 points and so the used rating difference is 141.

A difference of 141 meant Chester needed to score 4.5 points - which they did. If a 153 point difference had been used Chester would have needed 5 points and Malpas & Oswestry would have been the winners of the Handicap.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 11:13am

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Division 2 Final positions are uncertain.

Rhyl & Prestatyn 1 are top but:

Rhyl & Prestatyn have 7.5 points but if they should lose their last two matches Holywell Knights are the only team who cannot overtake them.

By winning all their remaining matches every other team - other than Wrexham 2 and Frodsham - can score 9 points.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 9:17am

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Chester 1 win Division One

and with one round to spare.

Winning at Colwyn Bay means that Chester 1 now have seven match points. Chester 3 can score no more than 6 and Wrexham 1 no more that 6.5 points.

Chester 2 have finished bottom of Division One. They can get no more than 3 match points and the second bottom team already have 3.5.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 9:07am

Monday 20th March 2017

Bill Davies has passed away.

I hear sad news from Quentin Dodd that Bill Davies died this morning.

William Cadwaladr Davies played in the League in the year it was founded, in 1954, and continued to play for Wrexham right through until about 2010. He was President of the League during the years 2001 to 2004 and a Vice-President thereafter. He also played for East Clwyd and Buckley/Mold in the Wirral League.

Many will remember his benign eccentricities at the chess board which included - in the most genial way possible - talking and singing to both himself and his opponent. With a lack of hair on top and a distinguished long white beard he gave the impression of a Russian grandmaster.

In 2013, to mark his long participation in and service for the League, the Bill Davies Trophy was commissioned. Initially this was used for a Team Knock-out Competition where all players had to be graded under 145, but subsequently has become part of the Individual Championship being awarded to the winner of the under 130 section.

I understand that Bill's funeral will be at Wrexham Crematorium at 11.30am on Friday 31st March. For any queries about this please contact Quentin on 01352 753889.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 10:48am

Tuesday 7th March 2017

Local Success at the Welsh Junior Championships

Ifan Rathbone-Jones of Buckley/Mold is the new U13 Welsh Junior Champion.
Other successes were:

Imogen Camp (Colwyn Bay) and Petko Petkov (Bangor) were =3rd in the U16 championship.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 11:56am

Wednesday 15th February 2017

Frodsham Congress

Thanks to all who played in the congress, your support is appreciated. See News page for more.

The 14th Frodsham Weekend Congress was held on 3rd-5th February, as usual at Frodsham Community Centre.

Piotr Swiech (Wrexham) was equal second in the Open and there were good performances from Colm Buckley (Chester) and Mike McDonagh (Chester), both scoring 3/5. In the Under 160 section, Peter Lovatt won the Grading Prize for grades 131-145 with 3.5. Tim Soar (Colwyn Bay) did particularly well, playing in this section rather than the Under 120s, to score 3.5 and share the second Grading Prize (Under 130). Mark Cromwell (Frodsham) also scored 3.5 in this section and Steve Lloyd scored 3. In the Under 120 section, Dewi Jones (Holywell) and Gordon Sommerville both scored 3.

The full report and cross-tables can be found at

Posted by: Pat Ridley at 11:11pm

Saturday 21st January 2017

C&D players in the Shropshire Congress in January

John Gorman of Penyffordd and Pete Lovatt of Malpas shared first equal place in the Major Section

Posted by: Max Coventry at 11:11am

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Success for C&D players at Crewe

Fifteen C&D players attended the recent Crewe Congress ...

Amongst the prize winners at the recent Crewe Congress were Tim Soar of Colwyn Bay who finished 2nd in the U135 section with Joe Nemcek of Chester collecting a share of 3rd place.

In the Major U165 section, John Gorman of Penyffordd was joint second, only losing to the outright winner in the final round.

Additionally Colwyn Bay shared the team prize.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 9:35am

Tuesday 11th October 2016

Double congratulations to Imogen Camp

Imogen became the U16 British Girls' Champion at the UK Championships earlier this year and ...

Imogen Camp, who plays for Colwyn Bay, became the British U15 and U16 Girls' Champion at the UK Championships in August. She then played for Wales in the Women's Olympiad at Baku making 4.5 out of 9 on board three and being awarded the FIDE Women's Candidate Master Title.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 5:01pm

Monday 3rd October 2016

Strange start to the season in Division 1

All three of the initial div 1 matches were drawn - and in one match all the games were drawn.

This means that, for the time being, all six of the division one teams are top - and bottom.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 10:36am

Monday 19th September 2016

First majority women's team in C&D history !

In D3 on 13/9 Holywell Rookies fielded three ladies against Malpas who had two girls on their team.

So far as I know, this match was therefore the first one in the sixty odd year history of the C&D League that women made up a majority of a team and a majority of players in the match overall.

A huge step forward for female empowerment !

A report on this match appears in the Recent News section of Holywell's website:

Posted by: Max Coventry at 3:39pm

Wednesday 31st August 2016

Rules for the KO Competition

A new handicap procedure has been introduced. This is more complicated but hopefully fairer.

The procedure is as follows:
1. Each team totals the appropriate grade for each player. The appropriate grade is normally the Handbook Grade(HBG) as on the league website with the modification that the grade used is adjusted so that it is no more than 40 points higher than the opponent’s grade. A HBG must be agreed before a player can play in the Handicap KO.
2. Each match has six boards. If boards are defaulted then the grades of any players, for both teams, on these boards are not used and the total point score is multiplied the appropriate factor. That is, by 6/5 if one board is missing by 6/4 if two boards are missing and so on.
3. Each defaulted board counts as a loss.
4. The following table is used to determine the required winning score for each team. This table means that only one team can have a winning score and there will be no need for board count or board elimination to decide ‘draws’.

Total Point Difference Higher rated team Lower rated team
requires to win requires to win
0 3.5 3.5
1 - 49 3.5 3
50 – 99 4 2.5
100 – 149 4.5 2
150 – 199 5 1.5
200 – 249 5.5 1
250 and over 6 0.5

If there is no point difference between the two teams and, over the board, the match finishes with three points each then Board Count and if necessary Board Elimination is used.

Board Count involves adding the board numbers on which each team has won the game. The lower total wins.
Board Elimination involves removing the bottom board from the match score and continuing this process until one team has the higher score.

If all games were drawn then neither Board Count nor Board Elimination will produce a result. If this should happen another procedure, perhaps a coin toss, must be agreed to decide the 'winner'.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 7:56pm

Wednesday 27th April 2016

Holywell Knights win division 3

Congratulations to them on gaining promotion to division 2.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 12:29pm

Wednesday 20th April 2016

Malpas & Whitchurch win division two

Congratulations to them - it will be great to have a new team in division one next season !

Posted by: Max Coventry at 12:02pm

Friday 15th April 2016

C&D players to represent Wales in Olympiad

Congratulations to Imogen Camp and Charles Morris

Imogen Camp of Colwyn Bay and Charles Morris of Wrexham have both been asked to represent Wales at the forthcoming Olympiad in Baku in September. Imogen's mother, Syringa, is due to be first reserve for the women's team and will be head of delegation.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 2:49pm

Wednesday 6th April 2016

Chester 1 are the Division 1 champions

Many congratulations to them.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 8:56am

Thursday 10th March 2016

Andrew Nicol has recently died.

I pass on sad news from R&P players that Andrew Nicol, a long time Rhyl player, has recently died.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 8:59am

Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Winner Takes All!

Chester 1 defeat Chester 2, and Chester 3 hold Wrexham to set up winner takes all match.

Four became two as Chester 2 and Wrexham's hopes of winning division 1 were dashed by Chester 1 and Chester 3 respectively.

At the Town Crier, Chester 3 stumbled upon arguably their best possible line up, as Steve Lloyd replaced Riyaan Yesudian at the last minute. The game itself was close, but eventually Wrexham broke the deadlock when Ray Holland beat Rohan Yesudian on board 4. One nil became Two nil when Colm Buckley lost to Charles Morris on two. On Board 3 Chester's Mike McDonagh was held by Piotr Sweich. This meant the home side could only draw the match, which they did! First, Jeff Smith got a good win against Richard Dineley and eventually Steve Lloyd beat Brian Davies.

Over in Hoole, David Hulme made his second guest appearance for Chester 1 and got his team off to a good start by beating Graham Bromley. In the end, Chester 1 won 3½-1½

Chester 1 meet Chester 3 at Hoole Community Centre on 29th March

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 7:13pm

Saturday 20th February 2016

Former Wrexham Player Don Caswall Dies

From Mike Hughes, Wrexham Chess Club:

"Barbara Caswall has asked me to let all his old friends know that Don Caswall has died. Don was a stalwart of Wrexham Chess Club and our Third Team captain for 20 years. He had been in residential care for some time and had not played in the league for many years but the older members of Wrexham CC remember him with affection.

The funeral will be at 2 pm at Blacon Crematorium in Chester on Wednesday 2 March. John Canham, Peter Fisher and myself will represent the club at the funeral. Barbara also says that any friends from other clubs will be most welcome."

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 12:15am

Wednesday 10th February 2016

Close Battle For Division 1 Title

Excitement mounts as four of the five teams involved can still mathematically finish first.

Currently leading the way are Chester 2, who have one game remaining (vs Chester 1). A win would give them 5½ points. This would eliminate Chester 1 from the race. However, Chester 3 could still level with Chester 2 if they win their remaining two games (vs Wrexham 1 and Chester 1).

Chester 1 will be guaranteed first place should they remaining two games (vs Chester 2 and Chester 3). Meanwhile, fourth placed and defending champions Wrexham 1 may yet still retain their title, as long as they win their other two fixtures and hope other matches go in their favour.

Their may even be a situation where all four teams finish on 4½ points if the following happens:

  • Chester 1 defeats Chester 2

  • Wrexham 1 defeats Chester 3

  • Chester 3 defeats Chester 1

  • Wrexham 1 draws with Colwyn Bay 1

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 6:55pm

Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Player Registration

Can Captains please remember that players should be recorded on the website before they play.

Players are supposed to be recorded for their club, with a grade, before they play a game. Remember that ECF F grades are not automatically recorded against players because they are based on fewer than 9 games.

Please suggest a 'Handbook Grade' for new players. When there is no grading evidence at all I will normally accept you suggestion. For other players I will look at the ECF grading history and other grading sources.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 9:53pm

Wednesday 18th November 2015

Mike Evans Memorial Congress

This took place in Wrexham on 14th November

The competition was won by Karl Lockett from Crewe with 4.5 out of 5 who played well above his 143 grade. Four players were equal second - Piotr Swiech and Pavel Los (both Wrexham) and David Jameson and Richard Burton (both Colwyn Bay).

The 'Slow Starter Prize' [the best final score by players on 0 or 0.5 after two rounds] was won by Jack Yang (aged 9) from Chester with 2.5 out of 5.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 9:49am

Sunday 23rd August 2015

Imogen Camp is British U14 & U15 Champion girl

Congratulations to Imogen who became both U14 & U15 Champion Girl at the British Championships.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 10:59am

Tuesday 7th July 2015

League AGM will be at Chester on Tues 14th July

If anyone would like an agenda, please contact Angus Weir at

Posted by: Max Coventry at 9:32pm

Tuesday 19th May 2015

Season is now complete

The Division and Cup winners this season are:

1st Division - Wrexham 1
2nd Division - Wrexham 2
2nd Division East Section - Wrexham 2
2nd Division West Section - Penyffordd 1
3rd Division - Rhyl & Prestatyn 2

Knock Out - Wrexham

Bill Davies Cup (U145 Knockout) - Chester

Congratulations to all the winning teams.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 11:12pm

Sunday 12th April 2015

Lewis Hunt - Former League President.

John Simmons has informed me that Lewis has passed away.

The funeral will be at 3:30pm on Friday 17th April at Colwyn Bay Crematorium and afterwards at the Red Lion in Meliden.

Lewis has been a great supporter of Chess in North Wales. He was involved with Rhyl Chess club since the club started in the 1960's. He also organised the Rhyl Chess Congress for a number of years

Posted by: Michael Whale at 11:51am

Thursday 26th March 2015

Welsh Junior Champs - winners from C&D clubs

At the Welsh Junior Championships 2015, two junior players from C&D clubs came top of their groups

We congratulate in particular -

Arjan Bolina of Colwyn Bay who won the Under 13 section, and

Ifan Rathbone-Jones of Buckley/Mold who was top in the U11 group.

Encouraging news for the future I hope !

Posted by: Max Coventry at 10:40am

Monday 9th February 2015

Denis Harvey

I have received sad news from James Babington. Denis Harvey died in hospital yesterday (8th February

Denis had been diagnosed with lung cancer early autumn last year.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 8:18pm

Saturday 24th January 2015

Dave Dickson

I pass on sad news from Bob Clark - Dave Dickson passed away peacefully in hospital on Thursday.

Dave Dickson passed away peacefully in hospital last Thursday night. As many League players will know, Dave has been a great supporter of the League and it's clubs for many years.

Posted by: Max Coventry at 9:48am

Sunday 30th November 2014

Chester & District League Individual 2014-15

Final Standings

Pos Player Club Grade 1 2 3 4 Pts Games Perf
1 Doran, Chris Chester 179 b15+ w10+ b7+ b2= 3½ 4 189
2 Los, Pavel Wrexham 161 w19+ w13+ b14+ w1= 3½ 4 184
3 Buckley, Colm Chester 157 b21+ w5+ b4= w12+ 3½ 4 195
4 Smith, Jeff R Chester 189 w17+ b9+ w3= b7= 3 4 181
5 McDonagh, Michael Chester 183 w6+ b3- w17+ b9+ 3 4 177
6 George, Geraint JB Wrexham 137 b5- w16+ w11+ b14+ 3 4 167
7 Watson, Paul R Chester 151 w23+ b11+ w1- w4= 2½ 4 179
8 Williams, Ray Chester 144 b10- w20+ b15= w16+ 2½ 4 139
9 Lochte, Szilvia Colwyn Bay 165 b20+ w4- b10+ w5- 2 4 163
10 Swiech, Przemyslaw Wrexham e155 w8+ b1- w9- b17+ 2 4 153
11 Jameson, David Colwyn Bay 185 b12+ w7- b6- w20+ 2 4 147
12 Lloyd, Stephen M Chester 140 w11- b22+ w13+ b3- 2 4 158
13 Whale, Michael Colwyn Bay 166 w22+ b2- b12- b19+ 2 4 139
14 Simmons, John A Rhyl & Prestatyn 115 bye= b23+ w2- w6- 1½ 4 107
15 Stephens, Roger L Frodsham 136 w1- b19+ w8= 1½ 3 142
16 Yang, Jack Chester 90 bye= b6- w18+ b8- 1½ 4 94
17 Hibbs, Richard Colwyn Bay e123 b4- w21+ b5- w10- 1 4 119
18 Weir, Angus Frodsham 72 bye= b16- w21= 1 3 68
19 Collinson, Seth Chester 106 b2- w15- w22+ w13- 1 4 114
20 Lee, Michael A Colwyn Bay 112 w9- b8- w23+ b11- 1 4 107
21 Clayton, Ian Chester 95 w3- b17- bye= b18= 1 4 77
22 Fisher, Peter S Wrexham 127 b13- w12- b19- w23+ 1 4 100
23 Banks, Arthur Malpas & Whitchurch 80 b7- w14- b20- b22- 0 4 67

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 6:37pm

Sunday 30th November 2014

Chester & District League Individual 2014-15

Round 4

Pavel Los (3) ½ - ½ Chris Doran (3)
Paul Watson (2) ½ - ½ Jeff Smith (2½)
Colm Buckley (2½) 1 - 0 Steve Lloyd (2)
Szilvia Lochte (2) 0 - 1Mike McDonagh (2)
John Simmons (1½) 0 - 1 Geraint George (2)
Ray Williams (1½) 1 - 0 Jack Yang (1½)
David Jameson (1) 1 - Mike Lee (1)
Seth Collinson (1) 0 - 1 Mike Whale (1)
Richard Hibbs (1) 0 - 1 Przemyslaw Swiech (1)
Angus Weir (½) ½ - ½ Ian Clayton (½)
Peter Fisher (0) 1 - 0 Arthur Banks (0)

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 5:09pm

Sunday 30th November 2014

Chester & District League Individual 2014-15

Round 3

Jeff Smith (2) ½ - ½ Colm Buckley (2)
Paul Watson (2) 0 - 1 Chris Doran (2)
John Simmons (1½) 0 - 1Pawel Los (2)
Geraint George (1) 1 - 0David Jameson (1)
Mike McDonagh (1) 1 - 0 Richard Hibbs (1)
Steve Lloyd (1) 1 - 0 Mike Whale (1)
Przemyslaw Swiech (1) vs Szilvia Lochte (1)
Roger Stephens (1) ½ - ½ Ray Williams (1)
Jack Yang (½) 1 - 0 Angus Weir (½)
Seth Collinson (0) 1 - 0 Peter Fisher (0)
Mike Lee (0) 1 - 0 Arthur Banks (0)

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 1:15pm

Saturday 29th November 2014

Chester & District League Individual 2014-15

Round 2

David Jameson 0 - 1 Paul Watscon
Chris Doran 1 - 0 Przemyslaw Swiech
Szilvia Lochte 0 - 1 Jeff Smith
Mike Whale 0 - 1 Pavel Los
Colm Buckley 1 - 0 Mike McDonagh
Ray Williams 1 - 0 Mike Lee
Peter Fisher 0 - 1 Steve Lloyd
Richard Hibbs 1 - 0 Ian Clayton
Seth Collinson 0 - 1 Roger Stephens
Geraint George 1 - 0 Jack Yang
Arthur Banks 0 - 1 John Simmons

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 5:35pm

Saturday 29th November 2014

Chester & District League Individual 2014/15

Round 1

Jeff Smith 1 - 0 Richard Hibbs
Steve Lloyd 0 - 1 David Jameson
Mike McDonagh 1 - 0 Geraint George
Roger Stephens 0 - 1 Chris Doran
Mike Whale 1 - 0 Peter Fisher
Mike Lee 0 - 1 Szilvia Lochte
Pawel Los 1 - 0 Seth Collinson
Ian Clayton 0 - 1 Colm Buckley
Paul Watson 1 - 0 Arthur Banks
Przemyslaw Swiech 1 - 0 Ray Williams

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 4:14pm

Sunday 23rd November 2014

Lloyd and George Share Prize Money at Preston

Chester's Steve Lloyd and Wrexham's Geraint George share 1st place in the U145 Section at Preston.

Both players finished on 4.5/5, although they did not play each other. Lloyd can consider himself very luckily to get anything, having being two pieces down after 12 moves in the first game!

Also doing well was Seth Collinson of Chester who got a grading prize in the section below.

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 9:55pm

Sunday 5th October 2014

Reporting of Match Results.

I would like to explain how I want to manage the reporting of match results.

Ideally I would like both Captains to update the match result on the website. When the first captain adds the result a (Provisional) comment on the match will be added. The second captain will then, in effect, confirm the result and the league conductor can then update the result into the tables.

Some captains may prefer to email the result to me ( or post me a match results card.

If the team captains agree to report the result once please let me know and I will then treat the single report as confirmed at update the result into the tables.

Please email me any comments you have on this proposed procedure.


Michael Whale

Posted by: Michael Whale at 7:11pm

Monday 4th August 2014

David Jameson in Tromso

David is 5th board for the Welsh Olympiad team currently playing in Norway

David did not play in the 1st or 3rd rounds but won his game in the second round playing on bottom board against Tanzania.
Tomorrow (5th August) Wales are playing Bolivia.

Posted by: Michael Whale at 9:37pm

Wednesday 14th May 2014

Megafinal Success for local players

Kings school Chester and Rydal Pendros Excel

The Cheshire Megafinal took place last weekend and was an outstanding success for local players.
Ten Kings School players qualified for the next round as well as nine from Rydal Pendros.
There were also some winners of the Suprema / Supremo titles as follows.
U18 girls Susan Gorman.
U13 girls Imogen Camp.
U13 boys Rohan Yesudian
U9 girls Iniya Anand
U8 boys Jack Jang
If anyone knows any of the other winners please let me know and I will update the list (bob)

Posted by: Bob Clark at 6:54am

Friday 9th May 2014

Player of the Season Winners

Congratulations to Burton, Higgie and Camp.

The winners of the divisional player of the season awards are as follows:

Division 1 - Richard Burton (Colwyn Bay) 7.5/10
Division 2 - Charles Higgie (Malpas and Whitchurch) 11/13
Division 3 - Syringa Camp (Colwyn Bay) 11/13

Congratulations to all three players.

Note in Division 1 Juan Lasheras of Chester scored 7.5/9 however the tie break is that the player who plays the most games wins the award.
I understand that the Rules committee are proposing a change to this for next season which will be discussed at the EGM / AGM (Bob)

Posted by: Bob Clark at 9:50am

Tuesday 6th May 2014

Dragon's return to the big time

South Wales Dragons have been promoted to Division 1 of the 4NCL

An exciting final weekend saw the South Wales Dragons make a speedy return to the first division of the 4NCL following their relegation last season.
Games against the cream of British chess await them next season.
Congratulations to local players, Richard Dineley, Charles Morris, Dave James, Dave Jameson and Jeff Smith who all play regularly for the team

Posted by: Bob Clark at 4:45pm

Monday 28th April 2014

League Season complete.

Congratulations to Chester 1, Buckley Mold 1 and Colwyn Bay 3

The league season is now complete, and I'm delighted to say that every match has been played with only seven individual boards defaulted.
Congratulations to Chester 1, Buckley Mold 1 and Colwyn Bay 3 who have won the three divisions.. A full report will follow after the knockouts have been completed.

Posted by: Bob Clark at 7:39pm

Friday 25th April 2014

Knockout Final

Buckley Mold v Chester 1 on 14th May 2014 At Buckley Mold

Posted by: Bob Clark at 12:11pm

Friday 25th April 2014

Jameson and James equal 2nd - 6th in Welsh Champs

Dave Jameson and David James came equal 2nd - 6th in the recent Welsh Championships.

The Welsh Championships were held in Cardiff over the Easter Weekend. In the Open Section, Dave Jameson of Colwyn Bay and David James who plays for Wrexham, both scored an excellent five points from seven rounds and came equal 2nd - 6th. Charles Morris of Wrexham was on his own in 7th place with 4.5 points.
The winner of the tournament, by some way, was Tim Kett who who scored 6.5 points and Dave Jameson was the only opponent he played who he didn't beat. Mike Whale, of Colwyn Bay battled hard against - mostly - much higher graded opposition to score 2 out of 7 also in this Open section.

The Camp family represented Colwyn Bay and the C&D League in all three sections of the Championships: Syringa in the Open, Imogen in the Major and Andrew in the Minor. Overall, Andrew did best with a very good four points.

This news entry replaces and corrects an earlier entry which turned out not to be 100% correct. Thanks to Mike Whale and Andy Camp for giving me updated information.


Posted by: Max Coventry at 7:17am

Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Success at Bolton for Yang and Lloyd

Chester's Jixin Yang and Steve Lloyd win prizes at the Bolton Easter Congress

In the Knights section, Jixin Yang scored 3.5/5 to win a combined share of third prize and the grading prize. Meanwhile in the Major section, Steve Lloyd scored 3/5 to share the u150 grading prize.

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 5:56pm

Sunday 13th April 2014

Rules Committee being established

A Committee is being convened to consider where League rules can be clarified or improved.

Various problems have occurred this past season to do with the interpretation of some of the League Rules when applied to matches between clubs. Quentin Dodd recently suggested that a committee of senior League members should be established to clarify any ambiguities and improve the meaning and intent of the Rules wherever possible.

I very much agree with this suggestion and I have now formed a Rules Committee with the following members: Quentin, Pat Ridley, Steve Lloyd, Mike Whale and myself.

The intention is to start work straight away - hopefully by using circular emails rather than actual meetings - with a view to putting forward a proposal containing a package of measures to the EGM and circulating it as widely as possible beforehand.

Could I ask for the help of all club secretaries and team captains in this ? Whilst the season is still on-going, would you please canvass your team or club and ask members if there are any rules which they find unclear or which they think could be improved. Could the secretaries or captains (or individual members) then get back to the five of us by circular email (as below) outling their points or queries.

I hope in this way that whatever alterations may be in the Proposal to the EGM will have been well debated before the meeting. I trust that the involvement of all League members who may feel that some Rules need amending before the summer meetings should mean that we can vote on the Proposal at the EGM (and later on hopefully at the AGM) without an inordinate amount of debate or amendments at the actual meetings.

For the last two years the EGM has been in early - mid June. Proposals must be with the Secretary in good time beforehand, so, working backwards, I would hope that before the end of May any amendments are packaged up into a Proposal ready for circulation. To give us sufficient time, may I ask that members email their points to us by the end of April. This time restriction may help to concentrate our minds !

Thanks in advance to everyone for their help in this work.


Posted by: Max Coventry at 5:56pm

Sunday 9th February 2014

Cromwell Wins Home Tournament

Frodsham's Mark Cromwell has finished equal 1st with 4½‎/5 in the Intermediate (U160) section.

Several other local players took part with mixed fortunes. In the Major section, which was won by Jim Burnett, Jeff Smith of Chester finished 3rd. Also involved were Ben Roberts of Rhyl & Prestatyn (3/5), and Michael McDonagh and Gary Gillespie, both of Chester, who scored 2 and 1½ points out of 5 respectively.

The Inter section saw Mark Cromwell share first with tournament regular Richard Desmedt, with Chester's Joe Nemcek sharing third place on 4 points. Also involved, from Chester: Ray Williams (3½), Jixin Yang (3) and Steve Lloyd (2½). From Colwyn Bay: Syringa Camp (3), Arjan Bolina (2½) and Imogen Camp (2). Other players were: Celeste McCrann (Malpas & Whitchurch, 2½), Peter Fisher (Wrexham, 2), and Gordon Sommerville (Buckley/Mold, 1½).

The Minor section was won by Roy Watson. Best performing locals (all on 3 points) were: Geraint George (Wrexham), Chris Goy and Frank McGuigan (both Frodsham), John Simmons (Rhyl & Prestatyn) and Dewi Jones (Holywell).

For full results visit

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 9:43pm

Friday 31st January 2014

Burton wins at Stockport Rapidplay

Scores 5/6 to win Major section

Popular Colwyn Bay player scored a fine 5/6 to finish equal first in the major section at the recent Stockport Rapidplay. I am sure he will have been pleased to finish ahead of Clubmate Dave Jameson who finished in equal third place.
There were several other local players competing, the best score among these was achieved by Arjan Bolina who scored 4.5/6 to finish equal fifth in the minor section

Posted by: Bob Clark at 7:09pm

Monday 27th January 2014

Success for Kings School Girls

At the National Schools Girls under 19 Qualifying Tournament

Kings qualified for the National Schools Girls U19 Final by finishing 3rd in the Northern Semi Final yesterday just a half-point behind the winner, Newcastle Royal Grammar School.
Kings were represented by Susan Gorman, Catherine Savidge (who scored a superb 3/3 on the day) and ten year old Lily Walker

Posted by: Bob Clark at 9:05pm

Tuesday 31st December 2013

Buckley wins RapidPlay

Grading Prizes for Fisher and Heslop

A league Rapidplay was held at Penyffordd Chess Club last evening.
A couple of late withdrawals left a strong field of 15 players, ten of whom were graded above 150.
With such a strong field there were no easy games for the players, but after four rounds Dave Jameson had emerged as the leader with 3.5 points, he was closely followed by the League individual champion Mike McDonagh and the Buckley brothers Colm and Gerry who all had three points.
A dramatic last round saw Mike beat Dave to move onto 4 points which was matched by Colm who won the battle with his brother.
To split the tie for first place an Armageddon game was played, Colm had the white pieces and 5 minutes against 4 on the clock, but was giving draw odds to Mike. He won a pawn in the opening, but Mike was able to steadily exchange the pieces until a king and pawn ending resulted with white still having an extra pawn. The watching spectators thought that the position was probably drawn with best play, but Colm was able to infiltrate with his king and force Mike's resignation to win the tournament.
The grading prizes were won by Peter Fisher (U160) and Richard Heslop (U120), both the above player claimed noatable scalps during the evening, Peter beating Ray Pearson and Richard beating Richard Burton.
Thanks to all the players who participated in what was an exciting evening of Rapidplay chess.

Full Results below.

Chester League Rapidplay 30/12/13 – Results

Round 1
John Gorman 0.5 – 0.5 Steve Lloyd
Paul Watson 0 – 1 Ray Pearson
Mike McDonagh 1 – 0 Ray Williams
Dave Jameson 1 – 0 Dewi Jones
Dave Parker Williams 0 – 1 Colm Buckley
Richard Burton 0 – 1 Richard Heslop
Mike Friel 0 – 1 Gerry Buckley
Peter Fisher (Bye)

Round 2

Richard Heslop 0 – 1 John Gorman
Ray Pearson 0 – 1 Peter Fisher
Gerry Buckley 0 – 1 Mike McDonagh
Colm Buckley 0.5 – 0.5 Dave Jameson
Ray Williams 0 – 1 Richard Burton
Steve Lloyd 1 – 0 Dave Parker Williams
Dewi Jones 0 – 1 Paul Watson
Mike Friel (Bye)

Round 3

John Gorman 0 – 1 Colm Buckley
Mike Friel 0 – 1 Ray Pearson
Mike McDonagh 0.5 – 0.5 Peter Fisher
Dave Jameson 1 – 0 Steve Lloyd
Richard Burton 0 – 1 Gerry Buckley
Paul Watson 1 – 0 Richard Heslop
Dave Parker Williams 1 – 0 Dewi Jones
Ray Williams (Bye)

Round 4

Ray Pearson 0.5 – 0.5 John Gorman
Colm Buckley 0.5 – 0.5 Mike McDonagh
Peter Fisher 0 – 1 Dave Jameson
Steve Lloyd 1 – 0 Richard Burton
Gerry Buckley 1 – 0 Paul Watson
Ray Williams 1 – 0 Dave Parker Williams
Richard Heslop 1 – 0 Mike Friel
Dewi Jones (Bye)

Round 5

John Gorman 0.5 – 0.5 Paul Watson
Ray Pearson 1 – 0 Richard Heslop
Mike McDonagh 1 – 0 Dave Jameson
Gerry Buckley 0 – 1 Colm Buckley
Richard Burton 1 – 0 Mike Friel
Peter Fisher 1 – 0 Steve Lloyd
Dewi Jones 0 – 1 Ray Williams
Dave Parker Williams (Bye)

Final Results

4 Mike McDonagh and Colm Buckley (Colm won the play Off)
3.5 Ray Pearson, Dave Jameson and Peter Fisher (U160 Prize Winner)
3 Gerry Buckley and Ray Williams
2.5 John Gorman, Steve Lloyd and Paul Watson
2 Richard Burton, Dave Parker Williams and Richard Heslop (U120 Prize Winner)
1 Dewi Jones and Mike Friel

Posted by: Bob Clark at 10:09am

Sunday 17th November 2013

McDonagh Wins Individual Championship

Mike McDonagh scores 4 out 4 to win the Individual Championship as Chester players clean up

Second place and U150 grading prize was shared between Steve Lloyd and Gary Gillespie (3/4). The U100 grading prize was won by young Seth Collinson (2/4)

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 6:16pm

Sunday 17th November 2013

Chester & District League Individual Championship

Round 4

Ray Pearson 0-1 Mike McDonagh
Gary Gillespie draw Peter Lovatt
Steve Williams 0-1 Roger Stephens
Steve Lloyd 1-0 John Simmons
Ray Williams 1-0 Celeste McCrann
Peter Fisher 0-1 Mike Whale
Seth Collinson 1-0 Dewi Jones
Jack Yang 1-0 Arthur Banks

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 5:53pm

Sunday 17th November 2013

Chester & District League Individual Championship

Round 3

Michael McDonagh 1-0 Steve Lloyd
Ray Williams 0-1 Gary Gillespie
Mike Whale 0-1 Ray Pearson
Peter Lovett 1-0 Peter Fisher
Dewi Jones 0-1 Steve Williams
John Simmons draw Celeste McCrann
Arthur Banks 0-1 Seth Collinson
Ryan Furnival draw Jack Yang

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 1:37pm

Sunday 17th November 2013

Chester & District League Individual Championship

Round 2

Peter Fisher 0-1 Mike McDonagh
Ray Pearson draw Ray Williams
Steve Lloyd 1-0 Peter Lovatt
Roger Stephens 1-0 Mike Whale
Steve Williams 1-0 Ryan Furnival
Jack Yang 0-1 Dewi Jones
Celeste McCrann 1-0 Arthur Banks
Seth Collinson 0-1 John Simmons

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 12:24pm

Saturday 16th November 2013

Chester & District League Individual Championship

Round 1

Mike McDonagh 1-0 Steve Williams
Dewi Jones 0-1 Ray Pearson
Peter Lovett 1-0 Celeste McCrann
John Simmons 0-1 Gary Gillespie
Mike Whale 1-0 Seth Collinson
Arthur Banks 0-1 Steve Lloyd
Ray Williams 1-0 Jack Yang
Ryan Furnival 0-1 Peter Fisher

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 1:10pm

Monday 11th November 2013

Success for Lloyd

At the Bolton Rapidplay

I am sure Steve is far too modest to post the details himself, but our ever popular webmaster scored a fine result in finishing third in the major section at the recent Bolton Rapidplay with a 180 rating performance.
Chester Juniors were well represented at the congress, the best performance coming from Rohan Yesudian who finished equal 5th in the U131 section

Posted by: Bob Clark at 12:29pm

Thursday 7th November 2013

Dave Jameson in Poland

European Championship begins on Friday

Dave Jameson is playing for Wales in the European Championship's, which commence on Friday.
This is a nine round event featuring most of Europe's top players.
Dave is playing board three for Wales, they will have a tough schedule as they are the lowest rated team in the whole event.
Follow his progress at the following website:

Posted by: Bob Clark at 3:40pm

Monday 28th October 2013

Bryant Wins Wrexham Rapidplay

Richard Bryant scored 5/5 to win last weekends tournament.

A successful tournament was organised by Wrexham chess club.
Richard scored 5/5 to win a strong tournament with John Gorman in second place.
I wasn't able to attend, but hopefully more detailed results will follow.

Posted by: Bob Clark at 3:08pm

Monday 7th October 2013

Success For Savidge & Warrington at Junior Champs

Chester's Daniel Savidge and Colwyn Bay's Robert Warrington win at the Cheshire & N. Wales Champs.

Robert won the under 18 section, scoring 5 wins and 2 draws. Penyffordd's Susan Gorman scored 2 wins and was Under 18 2nd Place County Level.

The U14 section was won by Daniel Savidge, who only dropped half a point. In the same section, Colwyn Bay's Imogen Camp scored 4.5 which was enough for her to claim the title of U13 champion. Also scoring 4.5 was Chester's Seth Collinson, who was awarded second place for U12 county players. On 4 points and finishing fifth overall was Wrexham's Joshua Williams who finished as Under 13 2nd Place County Level champion.

In the U10 section, Buckley Mold's Ifan Rathbone-Jones finished sixth on 4 points, and was second place Under 10 county level champion.

In the U9s, Amrit Bolina (Colwyn Bay) and Jack Yang (Chester) both scored 5 points. Bolina finished as Under 9 Champion and Yang finished as Under 8 County Champion.

For further reports visit

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 10:55pm

Wednesday 11th September 2013

Richard Dineley Simultaneous

A report giving results and an assessment of how it went

Rich took on between 15 to 18 players at the same time in a simultaneous display in the Vaults pub in Holywell last Saturday. Quite a few of the participants played him more than once and, during the course of the morning, new players kept filtering in to have a game.

In the end, after a three and a half hour struggle, Rich had won about 35 games, drew four and lost only two. Liam Jefferies and Dewi Jones (both from Holywell) managed to get draws, as did Phil Crew (from Rhyl) and Haydn Parry. Owain Meurig and Steve Williams (both Holywell)did really well to win their games.

It was a pity the weather was aginst us, so we couldn't hold it outside on the High Street, where it would have been more of a spectacle and overall I was rather disappointed that more players didn't turn up. Nevertheless, some players new to league chess did take part, we have made contact with them and I hope they will join local clubs.

There should be pictures and a report of the display in the Chronicle (a week on Thursday)and the Leader (early next week). I anticipate these articles will include league contact numbers and website address so it's quite possible further players will be attracted in this way.

I should like to thank Rich for making this event possible and I hope we gave him a reasonable workout!

Posted by: Max Coventry at 11:43am

Friday 6th September 2013

Success for Dixon, Meurig and Clarke

At the Pre Season Handicap Rapid Play Sep 4th

A pre-season handicap rapid play tournament took place at Penyffordd Chess Club on September 4th.
18 players of all ages and abilities entered the five round tournament.
A handicap system meant that the higher rated players were conceding odds of 20 minutes and a piece for some games. This produced a very competitive evening’s chess for all the players.

The prize winners were:
1st Gary Dixon 5pts
Grading Prizes: Owain Meurig and Roshan Clarke 3pts each.

An excellent performance by Gary who played in the league some years ago, and keeps his skills honed by playing regularly on the Internet.
The grading prizes were won by Owain Meurig who is part of the expanding Holywell club and young Roshan Clarke who is coached by John Gorman, both look to be improving players whose grades will probably increase over the coming season.

Special mentions for Peter Fisher who scored an excellent 4pts and also Phil Crew and Dewi Jones who also scored 3pts and only missed the ratings prizes on tie break.

There were six players from the Malpas and Witchurch chess club competing, it’s good to see their club expanding and hopefully their new members gained a little experience for the coming season.

There will be further rapid play events organised during the season, the following dates are provisional, and further dates may be added.
Full details will be posted on the website in due course

December 30th 2013 - Christmas Rapid play at Penyffordd Chess Club
June 3rd 2014 – End of Season Rapid play at Chester Chess Club

Posted by: Bob Clark at 11:27am

Wednesday 4th September 2013

Jameson Selected for Welsh European Team

Colwyn Bay's David Jameson will play for Wales at the European Team Championship in Poland.

The event will take place between 7th to 18th November in Warsaw. For more information visit or

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 10:23pm

Friday 2nd August 2013

Success for Doran at British Chamionships

Chris Doran wins under 180 Championship.

Chris Doran (Chester) has won the British under 180 Championship at Torquay.
He posted an excellent score of 4.5/5 to finish a point clear of his rivals.

Posted by: Bob Clark at 2:34pm

Sunday 12th May 2013

End Of Season Report

To begin let me congratulate the winners of the various competitions this season:

Division 1 – Wrexham Player of the Season: David Simpson (Wrexham)
Division 2 – Chester 4 Player of the Season: Michael Lee (Colwyn Bay)
Division 3 – Carden Arms Player of the Season: Charles Higgie (Carden Arms)
Knockout – Wrexham

Division 1:
After the first half of the season three teams were in contention for the league title, however after Christmas Colwyn Bay were not able to match the results of the top two teams and eventually finished in a creditable third place. Chester first team suffered a surprise loss to the Chester second team and thereafter were always struggling to keep pace with Wrexham, the last match of the season decided the division with Chester 1 needing to beat their rivals 4-1 to win the league, however it was Wrexham who prevailed to win the match and the league. Captained by Olympiad player Richard Dineley they only used seven players throughout the season, their top scorer being the division one player of the season David Simpson.

Division 2:
There was less excitement in the second division with Chester 4 winning the title with a couple of matches to spare and they eventually finished a point clear of the Wrexham and Colwyn Bay second teams. Player of the season was Michael Lee from Colwyn Bay who scored an excellent 10.5/14.

Division 3:
Division three was won convincingly by the newly formed Carden Arms team, led by player of the season Charles Higgie they always looked too strong for the other teams in this division and eventually finished a full two points clear of the Chester 6 team.

I have made no mention above of the performances of the Rhyl teams in the league but in the knockout they were inspired reaching the final after wins against Penyffordd and Chester 2.
Their opponents were Wrexham who after defeating Holywell by the narrowest margin possible, had then eliminated the Chester 1 team on board count in the semi-final.
The final was very close and could have gone either way, but despite Ben Roberts drawing with Richard Dineley and Les Simcock defeating league player of the season David Simpson, Wrexham eventually prevailed winning 3.5 – 2.5.

Some Stats:

There were 147 matches played throughout the season, and only three matches were defaulted, two by Buckley Mold First team and one by Buckley Mold Second team.

In the matches played there were 18 defaulted boards as follows:
Penyffordd 1 – 5 Games
Penyffordd 2 and Carden Arms - 3 Games each.
Chester 6 – 2 Games
Colwyn Bay 2, Rhyl 2, Frodsham, Holywell, and Buckley Mold 2 – 1 Game each

This means that a total 0f 707 individual games were played throughout the season, which I think is excellent especially considering the bad weather this winter.

ECF Membership:
This has been discussed at various meeting throughout the season, and all clubs should be very grateful for the time and effort that Pat Ridley has spent on our behalf. I will leave him to report on the current position at the EGM and AGM, but I would advise all clubs to attend if possible as the changes proposed by the ECF will affect us all.

I’m pleased to say there is nothing to report thanks to all the captains and players.

Next Season
We already have some good news for next season as Holywell have decided to enter a second team into the third division, it would be nice if we could attract another one or two teams to even up the divisions.
I also gather there have been some suggestions circulated for changes to the knockout competition.
I would remind clubs that these need to be firm proposals for discussion initially at the EGM.

Special Thanks
No report on the league is complete without a special word of thanks for Steve Lloyd who maintains the website for us, is always available if there are any problems, and then he grades all the games for us. Thanks Steve.

Bob Clark (League Controller)

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 8:11pm

Wednesday 1st May 2013

Wrexham Win Knockout

Congratulation to Wrexham who narrowly beat Rhyl & Prestatyn in the final.

Posted by: Bob Clark at 7:09am

Friday 19th April 2013

Player of the Season Awards

Congratulations to Simpson, Lee and Higgie

Although there are still a few matches to play the three players of the season cannot be caught.
Division 1 has been won by David Simpson (Wrexham) with a score of 10.5
Division 2 has been won by Michael Lee (Colwyn Bay) with a score of 10
Division 3 has been won by Charles Higgie (Carden Arms) with a score of 10.5
Congratulations to all three players.

Posted by: Bob Clark at 9:47am

Wednesday 17th April 2013

Wrexham Win Division 1

Congratulations to Wrexham who secured the division 1 title with a win over second placed Chester 1

Posted by: Bob Clark at 9:22am

Tuesday 16th April 2013

Chester 4 Win Division 2

Congratulations to the Chester 4 team who beat Frodsham last night to win the second division

Posted by: Bob Clark at 3:05pm

Wednesday 10th April 2013

Carden Arms win Division 3

Carden Arms have won Division 3 of the Chester & District Chess League in their first ever season.

The Carden Arms Chess team have won Division 3 of the Chester & District Chess League in their first season of existence. They beat Chester 7 at home on Monday (April 1) 3.5-0.5. The Carden Arms still have two outstanding matches, but cannot be caught.

The team started the season with a 2-2 draw with Penyffordd 2 on October 1 and lost their second match 3-1 to Chester 6... a week later. After this inauspicious start, the team proceeded to win all their matches. On Board 1 Peter Lovatt from Malpas scored 8 wins and one loss for the season. On Board 2 Charles Higgie from Malpas scored 9 wins and one draw, the best results by any player in Division 3. Other players who have scored points for The Carden Arms are Celeste McCrann from Bickley with 6.5 out of 9, Arthur Banks from Whitchurch with 2 out of 4 and Peter Brown from Whitchurch with 2 out of 2.

Captain Charles Higgie said "The Tilston pub has proved to be an excellent venue and we would like to thank Bill and Jon Beresford allowing us to play our home matches there."

Next season The Carden Arms will play in Division 2 of the Chester & District league and also will enter the Wirral Chess League. For both league they will need 5 players for every match rather than the 4 players they need at the moment. The team therefore is looking for new players to add to their squad. Anyone interested in playing should contact the captain, Charles Higgie on 01948 860083, Mobile: 07981074373, E-MAIL CHARLES.HIGGIE@BTINTERNET.COM or Charles Lowick Higgie on Facebook. The team will play its home matches on Tuesday nights next season.

Report by Charles Higgie

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 11:58pm

Tuesday 5th March 2013

Prize for Blundell in Composing Competition

At the Wilk ann Zee chess Tournament 2013.

Former Buckley Mold chess player David Blundell, received a special prize at the Wilk ann zee composing competition this year.
David was a regular player for Buckley Mold in the 1970's and 1980's, but he always had a greater love of chess problems and has composed many excellent studies.
He last played over the board chess some twenty years ago, but has obviously continued to compose chess studies.
Details of his study can be found at the following page:

Posted by: Bob Clark at 12:29pm

Sunday 17th February 2013

Success for Gorman, Littler and Savidge

At the ECF Girls U19 Championship.

The Kings School Girls U19 chess team containing league players Susan Gorman (Penyffordd), Mariam Littler (Chester) and Catherine Savidge (Chester) qualified from the Northern Area Semi Final yesterday and will now play in the National Finals at Uppingham school in July.
The final weekend consists of Six teams who will vie for the title of ECF U19 Champions.

Posted by: Bob Clark at 5:13am

Sunday 10th February 2013

Mixed Results at Frodsham Congress

Ex-Capenhurst player Mike McDonagh wins Intermediate with 4.5/5

At least 26 players from the Chester & District League attended this event, which was held between 8th and 10th of February at Frodsham Community Centre.

In the Major (U220) Section, which was won by Mike Surtees of Bolton, Chris Doran of Chester was the best scorer of the locals with 3.5/5. Also involved were Jeff Smith, Richard Bryant (both Chester) and Ray Pearson (Penyffordd) who all scored 3, and Peter Lovatt (Carden Arms) who got 2.

In the Intermediate (U160) Section, the highest scoring local was Ben Roberts of Rhyl & Prestatyn with 3.5/5. His only defeat was at the hands of eventual winner McDonagh. Also doing well was Steve Lloyd who recovered from 0.5/2 to also score 3.5/5 and claim the slow-starter prize. This prize was added last minute thanks to the increased number of entrants. Also from Chester were Colin White (3), Joe Nemcek (2.5) and Ray Williams (2.5). Other players from the Chester & District League were Denis Harvey (2.5) of Rhyl & Prestatyn, Peter Fisher (2.5) of Wrexham, Celeste McCrann (2) of Carden Arms, and Mike Whale (1) of Colwyn Bay.

The Minor Section (U120) was won by Jonathan Mahoney of Leeds. Mike Lee of Colwyn Bay and Dewi Jones of Holywell both scored 3.5. On 3 points were John Simmons (Rhyl & Prestatyn), Angus Weir and Frank McGuigan (both Frodsham), and Mike Friel (Penyffordd). Other players were Mark Donovan (0.5), James Babington (2.5) and Stuart Hamilton (1.5) (all of Rhyl and Prestatyn), and Ian Clayton (Chester) who scored 1. The youngest competitor was Jack Yang from Chester Juniors. He had the misfortune to win one of his earlier games by default which meant he was always up against stronger opposition. He ended on 1/5.

Chester missed out on winning the team prize as they were beaten by half a point by Wigan. Chester might have won it had they arranged their teams better or if results in the final round went a different way. In the final game of the tournament, Wigan member Paul Talbot was somewhat fortunate to escape with a draw in what looked to be a losing endgame.

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 10:02pm

Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Jameson v Ivanchuk

At the Gibralter Chess Congress

Dave Jameson from Colwyn Bay has been rewarded for an excellent draw yesterday against Grandmaster Sebastian Maze of France, with a game this afternoon against Super GM Vassily Ivanchuk of the Ukraine whose rating of 2758 puts him at number 13 in the world list.
Full details can be found on the tournament website:

Posted by: Bob Clark at 9:12am

Monday 21st January 2013

Bryan and Roberts Shine at Local Congress

Results for the e2e4 Chester Congress

David Bryan (Chester) and Ben Roberts (Rhyl and Prestatyn) finished equal first in the Major Section of the Chester Congress this weekend scoring 4/5. They were joined in equal first place by Roger Greatorex from Llangollen and former Colwyn Bay player Joshua Pink. Michael Whale also from Colwyn Bay was the next best placed local player scoring 3/5.
The Open was won by Grandmaster Mark Hebden who scored 4.5/5. Local players faced tough opposition with only Andrew Barber from Buckley / Mold who scored 3/5 achieving more than a 50% score.
Local players also found the going tough in the minor section with the best score of 3/5 being achieved by Ian Clayton (Chester)
Full Results are available on the website

Posted by: Bob Clark at 8:39am

Monday 14th January 2013

4NCL Rounds 3 and 4

Local players in the 4NCL

There were mixed results for the 4NCL teams containing local players who competed last weekend.
In Division 1 the South Wales Dragons team which includes Dave James, Dave Jameson and Charles Morris lost heavily to the Barbican second team on Saturday, before bouncing back on Sunday to defeat Blackthorne Russia. Highlight of their weekend will be Dave Jameson's win against FM David Ledger.
In division 2 the Spirit of Atticus team containing Chester players John Carleton, Steve Connor and Dave Robertson also lost their match on Saturday against the Oxford first team, before winning on Sunday against the e2e4 second team. Top performer for them was Dave Robertson who won both his games.
Local players Chris Doran, Bob Clark and Charlie Higgie travelled to Darlington to compete for Holmes Chapel in the third division north. thanks in part to two wins from Charlie their team defeated Atticus and then drew with a strong Jorvik team.
The next round of matches takes place on the 23rd and 24th of February.
Full details of the competition can be found on the website

Posted by: Bob Clark at 3:36pm

Saturday 5th January 2013

Rapidplay - Full Results

Played at Penyffordd Chess Club 2 Jan 2013

Chester League Rapidplay - Results

Round 1

Charles Higgie 1 - 0 Alex Forrexter
Mike Friel 0 - 1 Chris Doran
Ray Pearson 1 - 0 Celeste McCrann
Daniel Savidge 0 - 1 John Gorman
Jixin Yang 1 - 0 Roshan Clarke
Catherine Savidge 0 - 1 Dewi Jones
Colin White 1 - 0 Jack Yang

Round 2

Chris Doran 0 - 1 Charles Higgie
Dewi Jones 0 - 1 Ray Pearson
John Gorman 1 - 0 Jixin Yang
Celeste McCrann 1 - 0 Jack Yang
Colin White 0 - 1 Daniel Savidge
Alex Forrester 0 - 1 Mike Friel
Roshan Clarke 0 - 1 Catherine Savidge

Round 3

Charles Higgie 1 - 0 John Gorman
Catherine Savidge 0 - 1 Chris Doran
Ray Pearson 0.5 - 0.5 Colin White
Jixin Yang 1 - 0 Alex Forrester
Daniel Savidge 1 - 0 Celeste McCrann
Mike Friel 0 - 1 Dewi Jones
Jack Yang 1 - 0 Roshan Clarke

Round 4

Ray Pearson 0 - 1 Charles Higgie
Chris Doran 1 - 0 Daniel Savidge
John Gorman 1 - 0 Colin White
Dewi Jones 0 - 1 Jixin Yang
Celeste McCrann 1 - 0 Catherine Savidge
Mike Friel 1 - 0 Jack Yang
Roshan Clarke 1 - 0 Alex Forrester

Round 5

Charles Higgie 1 - 0 Jixin Yang
John Gorman 0 - 1 Chris Doran
Mike Friel 0 - 1 Ray Pearson
Roshan Clarke 0 - 1 Celeste McCrann
Daniel Savidge 1 - 0 Dewi Jones
Colin White 0 - 1 Catherine Savidge
Jack Yang 1 - 0 Alex Forrester

Final results

5 Charles Higgie
4 Chris Doran
3.5 Ray Pearson
3 John Gorman, Jixin Yang, Daniel Savidge, Celeste McCrann
2 Dewi Jones, Mike Friel, Jack Yang, Catherine Savidge
1.5 Colin White
1 Roshan Clarke
0 Alex Forrester

Posted by: Bob Clark at 5:33pm

Thursday 3rd January 2013

Higgie and Savidge Triumph at Rapidplay

Winners from the first league rapidplay

Charles Higgie from Carden Arms Chess Club won the the first league rapidplay with a perfect 5/5 score and a rating performance of 211.
Daniel Savidge from Chester Juniors scored 3/5 to win the grading prize on tie break from Celeste McCrann also from Carden Arms.
Fourteen played. the full results will be added later

Posted by: Bob Clark at 9:06am

Saturday 24th November 2012

Individual Championship 2012

Full Results

Round 1

Mark Cromwell 0 - 1 Bob Clark
David Jameson 1 - 0 John Sutcliffe
Steve Lloyd 0 - 1 Chris Doran
Richard Bryant 1 - 0 Peter Fisher
John Simmons 0 - 1 Ray Pearson
Paul Watson 1 - 0 Pat Ridley
Celeste McCrann 0 - 1 Ray Williams
Colin White draw Dewi Jones
Stuart Hamilton 0 - 1 Roger Stephens

Round 2

Bob Clark 1 - 0 Paul Watson
Chris Doran draw Richard Bryant
Ray Pearson draw David Jameson
Colin White 0 - 1 Ray Williams
Dewi Jones 1 - 0 Celeste McCrann
Pat Ridley 0 - 1 Steve Lloyd
Peter Fisher 1 - 0 John Simmons
Mark Cromwell 1 - 0 Stuart Hamilton
John Sutcliffe, Roger Stephens - half point bye

Round 3

Ray Williams 0 - 1 Bob Clark
David Jameson 1 - 0 Dewi Jones
Ray Pearson 0 - 1 Chris Doran
Richard Bryant draw Steve Lloyd
Paul Watson 0 - 1 Peter Fisher
John Sutcliffe 0 - 1 Mark Cromwell
Colin White 1 - 0 Pat Ridley
John Simmons 1 - 0 Stuart Hamilton

Round 4

Bob Clark draw David Jameson
Chris Doran 1 - 0 Ray Williams
Peter Fisher 0 - 1 Mark Cromwell
Dewi Jones 0 - 1 Richard Bryant
Steve Lloyd 0 - 1 Ray Pearson
Paul Watson 0 - 1 Colin White
John Sutcliffe 1 - 0 John Simmons
Stuart Hamilton 0 - 1 Pat Ridley

Final Standings (Grade performance in brackets)

Bob Clark 3.5/4 (201)
Chris Doran 3.5/4 (199)
David Jameson 3/4 (189)
Richard Bryant 3/4 (178)
Mark Cromwell 3/4 (160)
Ray Pearson 2.5/4 (171)
Colin White 2.5/4 (155)
Ray Williams 2/4 (159)
Peter Fisher 2/4 (145)
Roger Stephens 1.5/2 (157)
Dewi Jones 1.5/4 (142)
Steve Lloyd 1.5/4 (144)
John Sutcliffe 1.5/4 (127)
Paul Watson 2/4 (123)
John Simmons 1/4 (98)
Pat Ridley 1/4 (102)
Stuart Hamilton 0/4 (65)
Celeste McCrann 0/2 (93)

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 5:45pm

Monday 19th November 2012

Bob Clark wins the C&DL Individual Championship

Final Scores: 3.5 - R. Clark, C. Doran, 3 - D. Jameson, R. Bryant, M. Cromwell, 2.5 - R. Pearson, C. White, 2 - R. Williams, P. Fisher, 1.5 D. Jones, S. Lloyd, J. Sutcliffe, 1 - P. Watson, J. Simmons, P. Ridley, 0 - S. Hamilton.

Posted by: Roger Stephens at 3:41pm

Monday 29th October 2012

Welsh Interleague Championship

Chester and District score 1.5/5

3 teams took part in the Welsh U1800 inter league championship. The Chester and District league was represented by Steve Lloyd, Jixin Yang, Peter Fisher, Gary Slegg and Dewi Jones. Although the result was a little disapointing (1.5/5) a good time was had by all. Many thanks to Kevin Staveley for organising the event.

Posted by: Gary Slegg at 6:34pm

Monday 29th October 2012

Mike Evans Memorial Rapidplay

Dave Jameson won the event with a score of 4.5/5

The event was organised by the following members of Wrexham Chess Club: Mike Hughes, Jim McPhillips and Brian Davies.
An Excellent Days Chess was enjoyed by all present.
Other prize winners were, Bob Clark, Steve Lloyd and Richard Burton.
The grading prize was shared between: Max Coventry, Denis Harvey and Peter Fisher.

Posted by: Bob Clark at 10:13am

Thursday 11th October 2012

Cheshire & N. Wales Junior Champs 2012 Report

Local Juniors do well at event played on 6th October at Kings School Chester.

In the U21 Section, Colwyn Bay's Robert Warrington scored 5.5/6 - equal with Ben Scattergood of Holmes Chapel. Warrington missed out on the top title after losing an armageddon play-off with Scattergood. However he was awarded the prize of U16 County Level Champion. Also involved in this section was Susan Gorman of Penyffordd. Susan scored 2.5/6 and was awarded U17 County Level Champion.

The U14 Section was won by Imogen Camp of Colwyn Bay with a score of 5.5/6. In the same section, Chester's Arjan Balasubramaniam scored 4.5/6 and was 4th overall, winning the prize U12 3rd place. Also involved were Daniel Savidge (4/6) and twin sister Catherine (3/6), Rohan Yesudian (3.5/6), James Lee (3/6), Jack Walker (3/6), Alex Forrester (2/6) and Mariam Littler (2/6) - all Chester.

In the U11 Section, Chester's Robbie Fisher was 2nd overall and won best U11 School and Club Level Champion, scoring 4.5/6. In the same section, Wrexham's Sam Davies was 8th overall, winning 2nd place at County Level. Also in this section were Chester's Joshua Thweny (3/6) and Robert Little (1/6).

Chester's Riyaan Yesudian won the U10 section with a score of 5.5/6 with Buckley/Mold's Macey Taylor finishing 3rd on 4.5/6.

In the U9 Section, Ifan Rathbone-Jones of Buckley/Mold was the winner with a perfect 6/6. Also involved was seven year old Jack Yang (Chester) who scored 4/6 and was awarded U7 School Champion.

A more detailed report can be found here

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 1:47pm

Thursday 30th August 2012

Chess Olympiad

Richard Dineley is representing Wales - Follow his progress here.

Posted by: Bob Clark at 8:40am

Wednesday 18th July 2012

Glorney Cup

Wrexham's Davin Menon is representing Wales in the Glorney Cup

Wrexham's Davin Menon is representing Wales in the Glorney Cup which starts today. You can follow his games live here:

We wish him luck!

Posted by: Gary Slegg at 10:57am

Sunday 27th November 2011

Doran wins Individual Championship

Chris Doran has won the Individual Championship scoring 3½/4. 2nd= Richard Bryant and Ben Roberts.

Day 2 Results:


Chris Doran Draw Richard Bryant
Steve Lloyd 0 - 1 David Jameson
Ray Pearson 0 - 1 Ben Roberts
Mark Cromwell 1 - 0 Colin White
David Bryan Draw John Beynon
Ian Clayton 0 - 1 David Ashton
Pat Ridley 1 - 0 Brian Crompton
Ray Williams 1 - 0 Roger Stephens
Jixin Yang 1 - 0 Stuart Hamilton


David Jameson 0 - 1 Chris Doran
Ben Roberts Draw Ray Williams
Mark Cromwell 0 - 1 Richard Bryant
David Bryan 1 - 0 Jixin Yang
Colin White Draw Steve Lloyd
David Ashton 1 - 0 Ray Pearson
Roger Stephens 1 - 0 John Beynon
Brian Crompton 1 - 0 Ian Clayton
Stuart Hamilton 0 - 1 Pat Ridley.

Full results cross table to appear later.

Posted by: Steve Lloyd at 9:10pm

Saturday 26th November 2011

Individual Championship - Day 1

Chris Doran leads 2/2 with 6 others close behind on 1½

Results - R1

Ray Williams 0 - 1 David Jameson
Richard Bryant 1 - 0 Roger Stephens
John Beynon 0 - 1 Chris Doran
David Bryan Draw Ben Roberts
Jixin Yang 0 - 1 Steve Lloyd
Ray Pearson 1 - 0 Brian Crompton
Pat Ridley 0 - 1 Mark Cromwell
Colin White 1 - 0 Ian Clayton
Stuart Hamilton Draw David Ashton


David Jameson Draw Ray Pearson
Steve Lloyd Draw Richard Bryant
Chris Doran 1 - 0 Mark Cromwell
Ben Roberts 1 - 0 Stuart Hamilton
David Ashton 0 - 1 Ray Williams
Roger Stephens 1 - 0 Pat Ridley
Brian Crompton 0 - 1 John Beynon
Ian Clayton Draw Jixin Yang

Colin White and David Bryan - HPB

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Sunday 30th October 2011

Penyffordd Do Well At 4NCL Rapidplay.

The team of Bob Clark, Dave Jameson, Richard Burton and Joshua Pink were best U175 team.

Overall the team scored 13 points with Pink scoring 4 points and the others 3 points each.

The overall winners of the competition where the Sons of Anarchy, who had Tom Rendle and Peter Roberson on their top boards, they pipped a very strong Barbican team with Johnathan Parker on top board by one point.

The following day the Individual Championship was played, this was won by Keith Arkell who scored 6pts.

Star performer for Penyffordd was Dave Jameson who scored an excellent 5pts with a rating performance of 203, Bob and Richard also played scoring 3.5 pts each, with Richard narrowly missing out on a rating prize.

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Tuesday 11th October 2011

Wrexham's Davin Menon Becomes Junior County Champ

Davin scored 5.5/6 to claim the U21 Championship at the Cheshire & N. Wales Junior Championships.

Also achieving success were: Robert Warrington (Colwyn Bay) scores 4/6 in the U21 section to claim 2nd place U15 County Champion.

In the U11 section, Chester's Rohan Yesudian scores a perfect 6/6 to claim the U11 Championship. Meanwhile twins Daniel and Catherine Savidge (both Chester), and Imogen Camp of Colwyn Bay score 5/6 to share the prize of U11 County Champion.

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Thursday 8th September 2011

Message for Captains

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